Out There: Blooming lovely open gardens

A rhododendron flower in Ingrid's garden.
A rhododendron flower in Ingrid's garden.

IT’S springtime but some plants seem to think its the middle of summer.

In our garden at Caton we have flowers such as oriental poppies and clematis that usually only bloom in June or July.

It’s a riot of colour and parts of the garden have a jungle feel.

When we first moved into the house more than a year ago, the garden was in need of some tender loving care and I put in a huge number of plants as well as a few small trees.

This year the fruits of my labour are paying off as the garden is looking more established and the variety of plants provides a great deal of interest.

On days when it hasn’t been raining, Sparky and I have spent hours in the garden. He sits or lies down while I toil away in the borders. I’ve tried introducing him to the joys of the strimmer, hedge trimmer and lawnmower but to no avail.

Our next door neighbour Bernard has kindly given us some begonias so I’ll be planting them up next.

However, our long, thin garden is nothing compared to the garden at Clearbeck House in Higher Tatham owned by Peter and Bronwen Osbourne.

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