Our MP’s latest column

DAVID MORRIS, MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, gives his latest thoughts.

RECENTLY, I was able to ask Cabinet minister Francis Maude about political fundraising.

I said: “The banter from those on both benches has been shameful for the whole of democracy” adding “may I implore the minister to set up a commission to iron out party funding once and for all, independently, so we do not have to do this time and time again?”

Responding on behalf of the Government, Francis Maude MP said. “The shelves of the libraries groan with unimplemented reports on the reform of party funding.

“We take the view that this should be done by consensus between the parties, if at all possible. That is the spirit in which we undertook these discussions previously—four or five years ago—and that is the spirit in which we shall approach the matter this time.”

The campaign for Real Ale have their first Community Pub Month this month. Nationally over 5,000 pubs are participating. Sadly, 16 pubs across the country close every week. I would urge you to pop into your local for a pint, a coffee or a soft drink to support our local pubs.

An agreement is due to be signed later this month which will encourage hairdressers to gossip and will also prevent them from wearing high heels, watches and jewellery.

As a former hairdresser I think this interference from Brussels is totally unnecessary and an insult to the skill and professionalism of British hairdressers.

In difficult economic times Europe should not be burdening us with silly rules like this. I firmly believe that we need to stop this interference and have decisions made by elected politicians in Britain not unelected one in Brussels.

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