Opposition increases to Imperial pub apartments

The Imperial Hotel, Regent Road, Morecambe.
The Imperial Hotel, Regent Road, Morecambe.
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Developers have defended their decision to turn a popular pub in Morecambe into one-bedroomed apartments despite mounting objections.

The old Imperial Hotel on Regent Road has been submitted for planning to be turned into eight residential units and office space with manager’s accommodation.

Councillors and residents have raised various concerns over the plans to the West End building.

Developers Bratones Limited believe they are doing a good thing to what they would believe to be an otherwise derelict building that would just be sitting there.

Director of Bartones, John Ward said: “We don’t think it is likely to be turned back into a public house. It seems a good use there for it to be accommodation.

“What is the alternative? What would it become other than a derelict building?”

A resident who has written in to oppose the application believes the plans misrepresent the area.

He said: “The applicant makes the following statements – ‘The site is surrounded by development comprising of a typical town centre mix of shops, public houses’ and that ‘The existing building appears to be in a deteriorating state and a tired facade suffering from boarded up dated windows and doors, graffiti and vandalism.’

“I believe this is an attempt to portray the building as an unnecessary eyesore.

“The Imperial should be a protected asset for the area.”

Councillors also objected to the application at Morecambe Town Council on March 19.

Councillor John Bates said: “I think we should object to this now rather than toing and throwing between.

Councillor Janice Hanson said: “We most certainly should object.

“If it is one bedroom homes they are placing there that is what we are trying to get rid of.” The Imperial pub has been closed for several months after it was reopened in 2013.