Opportunities to perform at Morecambe Scratch Festival

Morecambe Scratch Festival.
Morecambe Scratch Festival.

Ever fancied performing?

As a precursor to the Morecambe Fringe in July, Alt-Space is running the Scratch Festival or Work in Progress Festival March 16-23.

The festival is free to enter, allows you to show 20 minutes of material in front of the audience, with opportunity for feedback.

All participants of the Morecambe Scratch Festival will be offered a slot to perform their full shows at the Morecambe Fringe Festival from July 6-20.

Festival organiser Matt Panesh said: “This is a great opportunity to trial stuff for both the Morecambe and Edinburgh Fringes.

“We’ll be running workshops between now and March to help people to develop sets if they fancy dipping their toes in performing.” Email morecambefringe@gmail.com for more information.