Trampoline park could help '˜join up' Morecambe

I recently met Solly Reader (owner of Pleasureland) and had a look at his plans and sketches for his proposed trampoline centre.

Thursday, 19th May 2016, 4:52 pm
Chairman of Morecambe Carnival organising committee David Brayshaw.

The centre is to be sited on the car park at the back of the Winter Gardens and it looks like it will be a pretty spectacular development. As well as the indoor activities, I love the plan as it incorporates an outside seating area and walkway across the car park.

I believe this will go a long way to help ‘join up’ the disconnected areas of our town, and create a genuine town centre. The trampoline centre is only one phase of development work which Solly is proposing and I was really pleased to hear another phase of work includes renovating the Arcade corridor between the Winter Gardens car park and the promenade.

This type of development, in the centre of Morecambe, is exactly what we need to kick start investment and I hope Solly’s imagination encourages other developers to look at Morecambe and decide we are an exciting town worth investing in.

trampoline park

Carla told me recently I complain too much; apparently I whinge about all sorts of insignificant issues, however, I take issue when she says the coffee cups in the cupboard do not all have to have the handles pointing in the same direction. OK I do moan.

Last year I moaned about all the weeds coming through the pavements and Coun Hartley emailed me asking what I’d cut out of the budget to increase weed spraying; it was a fair point. So anyway, I’ve decided to moan constructively and try to find solutions. My top two whinges this week are: the hoardings around the old fairground and, once again, camper vans on the promenade.

I keep reading that work is due to begin on the old fairground site but, as yet, there does not appear to be any activity. The hoardings, and their discreet message to our MP, are an eyesore and the vegetation which is growing behind them is now coming over the top.

We are a tourist destination and people are working hard to attract visitors to Morecambe and these hoardings look hideous. I would like to ask all local councillors to explain this to the developers and ask them to do something about it. Even a coat of paint would be an improvement. More Music have their Catch the Wind Festival on July 16 and 17 and it would be nice if something could be done by then.

trampoline park

Secondly, there are more and more camper vans parking up on the promenade for days at a time. The promenade is about the only free, unrestricted parking in town and this should be for use of visitors who actually contribute to the tourist economy. I’m hoping to persuade the town council to approach County Hall to ask them to create a by-law preventing camper vans from parking on the promenade.