Ten fascinating facts about one fascinating nation

Okay '“ this week folks I'd like to give you a bit of light relief.

Thursday, 30th June 2016, 4:44 pm
Updated Thursday, 30th June 2016, 5:47 pm
Carol Forster's top facts on Italy.
Carol Forster's top facts on Italy.

So with the help of Rough Guides, and a few other sources, I have found some interesting facts and superstitions about Italy for you which show what an interesting and varied country it really is.

1. Did you know that the Trevi fountain is the recipient of several thousand tossed Euros per day which is divided up and then given to charities?

I think that’s a positive thought and one to applaud.

2. Italy has more UNESCO sites than anywhere else in the world.

(UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Heritage Organisation.)

3. It has only been a country for a mere 155 years. At one time it was a series of independent city states with their own language, traditions and customs.

4. Here we are mindful of ladders on Friday the 13th but the number that puts the willies up Italians is the number 17.

5. Another Italian superstition is to avoid broom wielders.

If someone brushes your feet with one, you won’t be walking down the aisle. So avoid that hotel cleaner at all costs.

6. The country sits on a fault line and has had its fair share of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and it has three active volcanoes – Etna, Stromboli and Vesuvius.

7. Italy is one of the most popular destinations in the world tourism wise and has millions visiting each year. The heady mix of culture, beauty and delicious food keeps it right up there at the top of desirable destinations.

8. San Marino is one of the world’s oldest republics and sits there surrounded on all sides by Italy.

9. There are several leaning towers in Pisa, as well as the famous one. I am guessing this is due to more than uneven ground.

10. Many of Shakespeare’s plays were set in Italy.

As many of you will be planning future holidays now, given that Italy is such an attractive country with so much to offer, I do hope you will consider it as a possible destination for your next trip.

I also hope you have enjoyed these facts about one of the world’s favourite visitor destinations.