Taking to the waters for a dip into the Greek good life

You may remember my sorry tale of a quick whizz to Corfu while living in Puglia.

Thursday, 24th March 2016, 12:38 pm
Updated Thursday, 24th March 2016, 1:57 pm
View from Otranto

Well, you too could enjoy the undulations of a boat journey and have your capers and fun.

How about spending a few days, firstly in the gorgeous town of Otranto, which has the most dazzling turquoise sea, and enough history to fill a tome or two.

Down in the heel, the town is so picturesque, in fact, that my camera became welded to my hand, so loathe was I to put it away.

This whole area is also great for testing out your fledgling Italian, as you will find plenty of opportunities to brave up your food and drink requests.

Just ensure Uncle Tom’s not there with his Collins dictionary to correct your willing efforts. It might be wise to remind him where you are, in fact, when he starts speaking Spanish again. And do suggest he puts his sombrero away; it's hardly fitting...

Che brutta figura !

And please don't forget that ‘camera’ means ‘room’ in Italian so remove that twinkle from your eye when asking complete strangers for a camera, will you. Perhaps more pertinently, remind Uncle Tom...

You’ll never hear it down!

You could also come over all angst-ridden on the castle battlements if you like.

Uncle Tom could even do a quick video for his Amateur Dramatics annual soiree and become the town’s celebrity for five!

Anyway, I digress.

Once you’ve enjoyed the pleasures that Otranto undeniably delivers, you can pop your clogs back on and shimmy up and across to the port of Brindisi where you’ll find boats aplenty wanting to take you on ‘the ride of your life’ to Corfu.

It might be best to give that final cheese panino a rain check on this occasion but, positively speaking, I can honestly say that one of my finest memories was seeing the beautiful island of Corfu on the dawn horizon, outlined in pink-hued light.

Now try to rein in Uncle Tom at this point, as he may be tempted to ‘do it like the natives’ and take an early dip.

Try to restrain him, at least until he’s shown his passport...

Once landed on this gorgeous island, you will enjoy Greek delights aplenty.

Just remind Uncle T to change dictionaries and swap his ‘Si’ for ‘Nay’ !