Patients lose in GP clinic change, plea for bold step on Brexit, disability Blue Badge cheating, bad language over parking

Readers’ letters, January 15

Thursday, 31st January 2019, 2:03 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st January 2019, 2:08 pm
A patient is unhappy about changes at his GP surgery

It seeemed a most altruistic gesture when the Meadowside Medical Practice in Lancaster (with several doctors) decided to collaborate with a Heysham practice which had only one doctor.

There were the inevitable glitches when attempting to merge two or more computer systems but the merger did eventually take effect and so the Bay Medical Group was born.

A supposed advantage of this was the variety of surgeries available to visit in Morecambe and Heysham but, being a creature of habit,

I continued to attend at Meadowside in Lancaster. Chauffeuring my wife around all the other options was an eye opener, and a chore.

There was some definite rejoicing when I heard that Meadowside were pulling out of this arrangement, but it was short-lived when it transpired that only patients living in the postcode areas LA1 and LA2 were being retained. My 70+ years of continuous attendance were no longer considered appropriate.

Information about these changes was sparse and difficult to obtain. I fail to understand why such arbitrary boundaries have been adopted, when the Torrisholme area of LA4 has been eligible for at least, in my case, 47 years.

A Torrisholme patient, full name and address supplied

Mrs May – be bold on Brexit

Just as well Mrs May wasn’t in charge when Captain James Cook went off exploring. He sailed into unchartered waters without qualms as to what lay ahead, unlike our PM who is warning that a ‘no deal’ means a voyage into ‘uncharted territory’.

Going bravely into the unknown is what helped make Great Britain the world power it is and, while ‘no deal’ is not the ideal outcome, we need to be bold and hold our nerve in the face of EU intransigence.

Paul Nuttall, North West Independent MEP

Put a stop to Blue Badge cheating

Given the report that, ‘62 per cent of English local authorities did not pursue anyone for abusing the blue badge scheme in 2017/18’, (according to Press Association analysis of Department for Transport data) shouldn’t we be aiming to end such abuse?

Hasn’t everyone who has a genuine need of a Blue Badge, or indeed anyone that has been refused one, or must forfeit their driving licence for health reasons, e.g. injured war veterans, earned the right (time) for Blue Badge ‘abuse’ to warrant the same punishment as physical abuse? Jail that is.

In 1991, just moments after finishing a 50-mile cycle road-race, I was struck on the back of the head by a metal pole protruding from a passing wagon.

With brain injury, and doctors saying, “You’ll never work again, or ride your bike again,” I qualified for a Blue Badge.

Allan Ramsay, full address supplied

Abusive and threatening parking notice

As a former resident of the local area, I have to say I was appalled at a notice on a property, on Marine Road West, in Morecambe, that I saw today Friday, December 28. The notice was displayed, in a window of a property, close to the former Post Office in the West End.

Clearly the resident has had problems with parking , and the notice says “Private property, do not park here, or we will f*** with your car”.

Now I am no prude, but this, to me is threatening and abusive, surely this type of notice cannot be tolerated.

I reported this to the town hall in Morecambe, their response, was it was probably a police matter,

I reported it to Morecambe Police station, and they believe it is a council matter,

I suspect, quite rightly, the police are under staffed, and this is trivial.

I hope the people who have put this notice in the window, read this, and realise that some people are offended by the wording, or in this day and age, is that wishful thinking?

Mr A Pedder, address supplied