Homeless Action thanks, street is now a rat run, film prompts plea for repeats of Laurel & Hardy shorts

Readers’ letters, January 22

Thursday, 31st January 2019, 2:17 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st January 2019, 2:18 pm

Morecambe Homeless Action would like to thank Paul and Kevin of Aspect Bistro for making a three course Christmas dinner for our users on December 19.

We would also like to thank James and Angela Fletcher for working so hard serving – our users were very appreciative – and the Soroptomists and St Mary’s School for making gifts handed out on the night.

As an added bonus the children from Greatwood Primary School made sandwiches and pizza for the users to take away.

On December 21 the Holistic Foundation made a three-course meal and we would like to thank Queen Elizabeth School and the Loyne for their continued support.

We are also fortunate to have benefactors who help us throughout the year with either provisions or money and the volunteers, some of whom have been with us for many years, without whom we wouldn’t be able to continue doing what we consider to be valuable work helping people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Unfortunately last month we were devastated to lose a wonderful friend, Rita Minshull, who was one of the original founders of our charity 25 years ago. She was a valued committee member and co-ordinator of two drop-ins a week. She will be missed by us all.

Shirley Boult, secretary, Morecambe Homeless Action

My street is now a fast rat run

I want to raise a serious concern regarding traffic on Burlington Avenue in Morecambe. I have been a resident on the avenue for around nine years and have noticed significant changes in the traffic during that time. My concerns are two-fold: volume of traffic and excess speed.

Regarding speed, our road has been a designated 20 mph zone for a while now and many drivers do exercise appropriate caution but there are a significant proportion of vehicles travelling well in excess of 20mph, some at speeds that are extremely dangerous.

Regarding volume, the volume of traffic using Burlington Avenue as a ‘rat run’ has been increasing steadily. I believe it to be largely linked to the arrival of the Sainsbury’s supermarket on Lancaster Road.

As a result, traffic heading from the Bare side of town cuts across on Burlington Avenue rather than going via the roundabout.

The avenue also gets very busy at school run time, both in the morning and the afternoons, with Lancaster Road Primary School at one end and both Great Wood Primary School and Morecambe High School in close proximity.

Cars park on both sides of the street, narrowing it considerably and creating poor visibility, yet drivers continue to drive too fast.

There are quite a number of young families on the street and it also provides the main route for school children walking to and from the schools mentioned above. It is my firm belief that if nothing is done to reduce traffic and enforce the speed limits there will eventually be a serious accident and/or death on our street.

Paul Arthur, email address supplied

Bring back Laurle & Hardy comendies on TV

The biopic of Laurel and Hardy’s visit to the UK for their last tour is out in cinemas. I can’t wait to see this film, the trailers look brilliant. Steve Coogan (as Stan Laurel) and John C Reilly (as Oliver Hardy) look the parts and I truly hope that audiences will get an understanding of Laurel and Hardy’s love and respect for each other.

As much as I love Dad’s Army, which the BBC seems to continue to show on BBC2 every Saturday evening, surely with this film, Stan and Ollie, coming out, it’s time to re-show all those classic 20-minute family-friendly Laurel and Hardy episodes?

Slapstick comedy, no bad language, this is surely the time to bring Laurel and Hardy to a brand new audience, the much younger generation?

Let’s keep their legacy alive and laugh at their crazy antics.

Peter Keighley, address supplied