Holiday tip to double your delight off the beaten track

I have an idea for a holiday that will make your toes open and shut with delight and lure you away from your trips to Marketgate shopping centre.

Thursday, 17th March 2016, 1:20 pm
Updated Thursday, 17th March 2016, 2:26 pm
Carol Forster

Fancy that!

How about a two zone break staying firstly on the Tremiti islands, off the Gargano coast in Puglia, and then travelling down to the Salento region where you could visit the incredible Porto Selvaggio, near Nardo.

Either fly to Bari then train up to the Gargano region, or train from a northern airport to the area.

The Tremiti islands are gorgeous, as is the whole Gargano region (the spur of Italy’s boot) and you could happily spend an hour deciding which to visit; in what order, and also lure your partner away from their ‘Frustrated Britain’ fix.

You could either stay in one of the hotels on the island of San Domino, for example, or on the mainland coast which is chock full of them.

It would be wise, of course, to check availability and when the hotels first open during the holiday season.

After the rapture of all this, head south by train or car to the Salento region and do a spot of map mooching to locate Porto Selvaggio - your next destination.

So what’s to like about Porto Selvaggio?

Located between Santa Caterina and Sant’Isodoro and near the town of Nardo, it’s a beauty.

For a start, it has incredible clear, pristine sea which is great for seeking out all things aquatic. You could even get ‘im indoors to don a snorkel; hopefully matching those winning yellow Calvin Kleins in tone and colour, of course!

Apart from your usual hobby of tea bag collecting, you could take to posing for Selvaggio selfies by the sea and perplex the one other person on the beach with your attempts at the butterfly stroke.

As this area is not the hub of tourist activity it’s also ideal for those who like a quieter spot and you could go walking or bird watching here.

In fact you have to walk some 20 minutes to find this beach, as it’s off the beaten track.

You would probably need to find accommodation in Nardo or Santa Caterina but I’m sure you’d repair to this beach at every opportunity.

So, for a holiday with a difference, try this on for size.