Clocking up the miles and burning my candle at both ends

The other week saw me flying about all over the place. I clocked the miles up like never before, and feel absolutely knackered. It's hardly surprising I was so tired given that, in one working week, I went to Bury, Burnley and London twice.

Tuesday, 17th May 2016, 1:39 pm
John Halewood Dodd

In between my work commitments I also attended various social events and, while writing this, it’s dawning on me that, perhaps, I’m burning the candle at both ends.

On the Thursday evening I was invited to an event in the Shire Hall at Lancaster Castle where Dame Caroline Swift was guest speaker.

Dame Caroline is a renowned lawyer who was educated locally and speaks of the area with some fondness. Some of her earlier trials were at Lancaster Castle, which clearly provided a sound platform for her legal career. She went on to be Leading Counsel in the Shipman Enquiry, regarding Dr Harold Shipman, Britain’s worst mass murderer, and has only recently retired as a High Court Judge.

I was mightily impressed by her achievements, but had little time to reflect as I had an early start the next morning for a court case in Bury. From where I headed to London for a two-day conference.

Friday evening included a lavish dinner where I was accompanied by my daughter, and on Saturday evening I met friends from university. Both of these led to late finishes.

I then caught the first train to Lancaster on Sunday morning to go to Williamson Park with good friends for Hacienda Classical. That was superb and I hope this area hosts similar events in the future so old ravers like me can let their hair down.

On Monday I was up at five to return to London for a court case that lasted the entire day. Getting home after 9pm I microwaved a dinner following which I dragged myself to bed.

On Tuesday, I travelled to Burnley for a case which took longer than anticipated, arriving back at my office at lunch time. This felt like the first time I’d had a moment to myself for ages and it was then I realised I was done in. As said, burning the candle at both ends, but to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way.