Column: Hometown needs help to lure more visitors in

It seems the "natives are revolting" again on Facebook - the medium of choice nowadays to vent your spleen.

Monday, 15th August 2016, 2:28 pm
Updated Monday, 15th August 2016, 4:34 pm
Spanish town of Javea may have lessons for Morecambe's tourist chiefs

My old army buddy, Mal Neil has once again lost out on long stay customers in his guest house because, in their words to him, "there is nothing in Morecambe for their kids to do."

He encourages the council to wake up and listen to the people who are in the know about what is needed in the town. Interestingly he decries the need for a shopping centre and another hotel suggesting Morecambe needs indoor entertainment for when the weather is bad. That would be nearly every week of the summer holidays then!

This is a long term problem for Morecambe and one which another friend of mine, Brendon Hughes, came back in right of reply as to the lack of funds available. He also states, "private investment is the only way forward."

Javea is a town not dissimilar to Morecambe. It has a beach (full of imported sand), a port (with a marina), and an old town (we have two in Heysham and Poulton). What it doesn't have are lots of indoor entertainment centres - you go up the road to Benidorm for that.

Yes, there is the weather but last week it tipped down here, the quality of the restaurants and bars ensured holidaymakers were well sustained while waiting for the rain to stop.

In the area of the port and marina the beach is pebble strewn, that does not stop people using it. The area is heaving every day in the season

The old town has just finished being host to a jazz festival - thousands poured into the narrow streets to listen to an excellent three day programme. Well attended and well marketed.

Yes, Morecambe does have sporadic festivals but let the people know about them - and try to include a wet weather standby.

If the council had the funding I would suggest they send a working party over to where I live to see how a coastal town thrives. I could do the guide bit without charging a consultancy fee (OK, a free lunch then).