Brexit - bring back rationing, MP David Morris is not helping matters, vegans should not preach, Poppy Factory plea for veterans, end bad attitudes to the disabled

Readers’ letter, February 5

Thursday, 31st January 2019, 3:36 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st January 2019, 3:44 pm
Dealing with some of the applications for new ration books during WWII

We are being told that Brexit is likely to bring shortages of fresh food and medical supplies.

With the prospect of a no deal Brexit looming on the horizon, surely it’s time for the government to act and introduce rationing before the country descends into chaos?

Ration books, and queuing up for supplies, is a small price to pay and will help bring back that famous Dunkirk spirit, uniting the whole country again to pull through together...

Phil Cray, Station Lane, Scorton

David Morris MP is playing politics too

During the recent Brexit debate in the House of Commons, Theresa May agreed to receive an intervention from our MP David Morris. Did he use this opportunity to make a useful suggestion for a way forward for the Brexit debate?

Did he raise any issues of concern on behalf of his constituents in Morecambe and Lunesdale? No – he read out an inane joke about Jeremy Corbyn. He was so proud of his performance that he boasted about it.

David Morris condemns people who “play party politics” but that is exactly what he was doing.

Sandra Thornberry, Slyne Road, Lancaster

Moderate vegans only please

Veganism seems to be the hot trend of 2019. Like most followers of ideologies, vegans can be moderate or extreme.

Moderate vegans I admire, they stick to their principles, but don’t preach. Actually, they inspire me.

The activists, on the other hand, would make one feel guilty to be a vegetarian, let alone a meat eater.

This is very off-putting.

The middle ground is this - reducing our meat and dairy consump-tion and when we eat these products, we should opt for the most humane/organic option available.

Florence, email address supplied

Help us to help force veterans

This can be a challenging time of year for Forces veterans. Those with mental or physical health conditions, who do not have a job or a close support network, can feel particularly isolated.

At The Poppy Factory, we know that ex-Service men and women who are wounded, injured or sick will still flourish in the right working environ- ment.

In return, the skills they have honed in the military bring enormous benefits to their employers.

The Poppy Factory’s employability team works closely with individuals, helping to boost their confidence and skills and look for the right job opportunities.

We help with everything from CV writing and interview preparation to training and in-work support This year, I hope many more organisations across the North West will consider the value veterans can add to their workforce.

We stand ready to help more veterans find a way to fulfil their potential.

Deirdre Mills, Poppy Factory

Bad attitudes harm disabled children

Negative attitudes towards disabled children and their families is a blight on our society that needs to be challenged.

I’m encouraging my neighbours to sign up to the charity Scope’s campaign on this issue.

Three-quarters of parents of disabled children across the country say they have experienced negative comments from the public when they go out with their child.

Negative attitudes and inadequate support leave families feeling judged and isolated.

Now is the time for a new Government thinking in how to tackle negative attitudes.

People can support the campaign by signing a petition or donating on Scope’s website at

Barbara Kirk, email address supplied