Braving a walk over Sydney Harbour Bridge

It was another good day weather wise and after our breakfast we set off to Milson Point, the metro stop on the other side of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Thursday, 19th May 2016, 12:20 pm
Sydney Harbour Bridge

We were crossing it in order to get off the train and walk back to Circular Quay - Lynn was not relishing the prospect of this.

You can actually book a trip to walk up the outside of the bridge but, again, out of the question for Lynn, out of the price range for me, the public walkway was the next best option.

Out of the station and then up the stairway we all trudged. Not yet over the water Lynn kept well to the right hand side nearest the rail and roadway.

Mick Dennison. former Landlord. York Hotel, Morecambe.

The view was spectacular and enabled me to get photos not accessible from below, that included the Opera House as well.

As we approached the end of the walkway we could see groups of “Bridge Walkers” dressed in grey overalls and attached to each other and a safety line.

They were climbing up to the start of the curve to eventually walk up to the apex, what a thrill that must be!

We descended via the traditional route (Lynn having done really well to overcome her fear of heights) and found ourselves in the area of the city called The Rocks.

Mick Dennison. former Landlord. York Hotel, Morecambe.

Established shortly after the colony’s formation in 1788, it had an original bad reputation as a slum. Often frequented by sailors and prostitutes this area was dominated by street gangs up until the 1870s.

Nowadays you wouldn’t imagine that sort of life as you walk round the narrow streets of this rather bohemian area of town.

Trendy boutiques and swanky eateries dominate with good old fashioned pubs on most street corners.

There is a visitor info centre that also vies for your dollars with ethnic and contemporary goods and clothing for sale, they even have a shop making and selling rock.

I seem to remember my home town in Morecambe having such businesses - once.