Anger at council People’s Vote, social care needs funding, free TV licences for over-75s, threat of plastic

Readers’ letters, January 1

Thursday, 24th January 2019, 3:41 pm
Updated Thursday, 24th January 2019, 3:48 pm
Lancaster City Council debated a People's Vote on Brexit.

I see our feckless Labour City Council is trying to buy votes at the expense of the democratic mandate of the referendum (December 18, Councillors call for People’s Vote on EU).

Thank heavens there are some councillors like Charlie Edwards who spoke out against this and who wish to honour our democratic process, not undermine it by supporting the actions of those who ‘know what is best’ for us.

We had a vote and decided to leave the EU, and Parliament agreed to honour the result and implement it on our behalf.

To suggest that the people should now decide the way forward instead, ie: what they really mean is stay in the EU, makes a laughing stock of the whole process. We might as well not have a House of Commons. It is no coincidence that the organisers of the ‘people’s vote’ are all staunch remain supporters, and that the vast majority of their supporters voted to remain.

What we are really looking at here is a ruse to actually remain in the EU, and we should resist this proposal wholeheartedly if we value our democracy. It is in fact, a ‘loser’s vote’, not a ‘people’s vote’.

Despite rumours to the contrary, most of us who voted leave do have more than two brain cells. It is an insult to our intelligence to suggest we did not know what we were voting for, and now that we do, we should reverse the decision and remain in the EU, which is basically what the ‘people’s vote’ is about.

I’d have far more respect for city councillors who have taken this stance if they were just honest about wanting to remain in the EU rather than trying to pretend otherwise.

Name and address supplied

Where is the funding for social care?

I read a sad letter about vulnerable and elderly people who are struggling to find the care they most desperately need.’

At the same time I read a letter in a Scottish paper .

The writer in the Scottish paper points out: “We have to take control of the people who come to retire here to escape the care payments”.

The people who trouble him are the English pensioners who want to retire in Scotland for the free health and social services - so he believes.

People in Scotland get free healthcare, free prescriptions, free elderly care, no tuition fees, toll free bridges, and much more.

I read Scots get £1.4K more state cash per head than rest of UK.

Why can we not get more health and social care funding in the rest of the UK to help the vulnerable and elderly people?

This would be fair.

Name and address supplied

Free licence will stay

Many over-75s are concerned about the proposal that they should pay for a TV licence.

Bearing in mind that we ‘oldies’ are most likely to vote, why would the politicians wish to commit political suicide?

Remember that we’re the 60s generation. We have the ability and time to organise.

What are our ‘leaders’ to do when they discover that many of us can’t pay, and more of us won’t?

Arrest us all? Chuck us in jail?

If they did, we’d be able to watch programmes for free anyway. So don’t worry, it’s not going to happen.

G Cooper, address supplied

Shops can cut plastic

We are all being encouraged to reduce the amount of plastic we use. However major supermarkets need to take the lead and eliminate unnecessary packaging.

Recent purchases prove they need to do more.

For example, I have seen vacuum-sealed cucumber contained in a second layer of non-recyclable plastic. I was also bemused to find that the potatoes, in a non-recyclable plastic bag,

were contained on a plastic tray.

Perhaps shoppers should discard any unnecessary plastic before leaving the store, then they might get the message.

Margaret Watkins, email address supplied