Open your mind to a brain boost

LAST week I looked at natural ways to give yourself a bit of a boost with your energy levels. This week I would like to take a look at naturally boosting your brain power.

There has been a lot of information in recent weeks about studies which show that taking certain B vitamins can have a great benefit for the brain. The B vitamins in question are B6, B12 and folic acid.

Folic acid has also been referred to in the media as B9.

Studies have been carried out that show that taking a high dose of these three B vitamins can help to prevent our brains from shrinking, which can apparently happen as we age.

It is this brain shrinkage which has been linked to the development of memory problems and possibly Alzheimer’s, so it is now thought that taking good levels of these B vitamins could help to prevent age related memory problems.

If you do want to look at this then the best suggestion I can make is that you get a good, strong 100mg B vitamin complex, like Nature’s Aid Mega B 100, one a day of which will provide good levels of the three important B vitamins for your brain as well as all the others which could help support the nervous system and energy levels as well.

See The Visitor (01-11-11) for full story.