One last dance for Lancaster open mic night

Esther with some of the attendees at the open mic night.
Esther with some of the attendees at the open mic night.
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One of the city’s most popular open mic nights will be ressurected for one night only.

The Stonewell Tavern, which is currently closed until new owner Tim Tomlinson takes over, will open its doors for a special Christmas edition of its Thursday night open mic sessions for people with special needs.

The open mic night at The Stonewell Tavern

The open mic night at The Stonewell Tavern

Esther Griffiths, who worked at The Stonewell, and has organised the event for the past couple of years, said the events had “given a group of people the confidence to enjoy something that could easily be taken for granted by others”.

The Stonewell will open on Friday, December 16, between 6pm and 8pm for the final open mic, with mince pies and Christmas cheer promised to anyone who attends.

Esther said she hoped to find a new home for the sessions in the future.

She said: “People like the same things and we managed to create a place where everyone can go.

“All I wanted to do was give everybody the chance to share these experiences.

“It’s a brilliant event and I’ve met some amazing people.”

Host Michael Tolson is equally proud of the achievement. He said: “Having worked for nearly 30 years in the learning disabilities field it’s the most uplifting thing I’ve ever been involved with.”

Former landlady Rohina Caterina said: “I am so proud to have been part of these open mic nights, they are one of the highlights of running the Stonewell. Esther and Mick put so much energy into them and everyone has so much fun.”