Olympic torch coming to Morecambe

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THE eyes of the nation will be on Morecambe promenade when the Olympic torch parade reaches the town this June.

That’s according to flamboyant city councillor Ron Sands, who believes the visit of the Olympic flame is a chance to promote the town on a nationwide level akin to the Queen’s unveiling of the Eric Morecambe Statue in 1999.

The iconic torch will arrive in our district on June 22, at the exact halfway point of its journey to the opening ceremony in London.

Coun Sands said: “It’s a whopping opportunity. It will never occur again in our lives.

“The torch will arrive exactly 35 days into a 70-day UK tour. The eyes of the nation will be on Morecambe and its promenade. During the run-up, people’s emotions and interest will reach fever pitch.”

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