No water after pipe bursts

The wate ron Latham Lane
The wate ron Latham Lane
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A NUMBER of houses in Kitt Green saw their taps run dry for several hours when a burst pipe resulted in water pumping up from underground and overflowing onto Latham Lane.

Engineers from United Utilities were called out to rectify the issue as cars ploughed through the floodwater.

The problems arose in the evening but fortunately the workmen were able to complete the repair before most people had got up the next morning.

Gillian Morris posted on the Wigan Today Facebook page: “Looks like winter outside our house. A burst watermain no tap water and footpath and tarmac lifting up.”

A spokesman for United Utilities told the Wigan Evening Post: “Engineers identified a hole in the pipe and were on site from 1.30am to just before 6am for repair work.

“The problem was fixed by 5.42am.

“The figure for how many homes were affected is not available although we received 76 calls from residents to notify us of what had happened.”