No lightning speed from Wi-Fi provider

Mick Dennison
Mick Dennison
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I have a question for you all. What are your thoughts when it comes down to receiving good service? I have a tale of woe that I’m sure many of you have been through since that lightning storm on Friday November 8.

Many in the Lancaster Road area won’t forget that from about 11pm to after midnight our peace was shattered by that strike.

The next morning many of us woke up to the worst possible scenario – no internet or digital communications! (Even worse for the family in the house hit by the lightning). The wireless system at the York was out and I dialled the out of hours technical team on the Saturday morning.

Having worked in the telecom industry for many years I tried to help the technician I spoke to by having first gone through the initial tests I knew I would be asked over the phone.

However, I was taken through a pre-prepared spiel that basically required me to have a storeroom full of spare parts to be able to sort out the fault myself. When asked if they have any technicians to come out and that we had a lightning strike the night before, I was told I didn’t know what I was talking about.

I waited until Monday morning and rang again quoting the fault reference. It turned out the weekend staff had not passed on or even logged the fault. I went through the whole process again. They too didn’t believe the freak weather caused the problem until about 30 minutes later when I received a call stating there was an external problem at the exchange – hallelujah!

A text message was sent to me reporting the fault number and that I should have service by Friday. On ringing the company in question, I was told I was being impatient and that the problem would be sorted that day. Today is Monday November 18 and I’m still without Wi-Fi and have spent a fortune on accessing the internet on my iPhone using 3G. Imagine you came into the York Hotel and asked for a bottle of lager and I didn’t open it for you or provide a glass – you wouldn’t be too pleased with that type of service.

As it is, I’m working through my options as to what level of angriness I’m going to be in very soon!