Nice ‘n’ Sleazy festival shot in arm for town

Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.
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Well, that’s another bank holiday out of the way, only one more left this year so it’s time to knuckle down for another three months and hope we have some sort of a summer.

We also said goodbye to the punks who attended the Nice ‘n’ Sleazy festival in the Trimpell Club.

When I say we said goodbye I don’t think I meant forever; or is it?

The rumours coming from those festival goers who drank in the York was next year could be the last – is this true or was it as I mentioned just a rumour? Can anyone shed a light on this?

Having what in reality is a four day festival in Morecambe is a shot in the arm for what has become a tired old town like ours.

Okay, our hard working carnival team are a credit to the town but after that what else? Yes there is a vintage festival in September (where it seems you have to adhere to a very strict theme to be allowed to be in it) and little bits here and there but to be a thriving seaside resort we need momentum throughout the whole summer.

This weekend the punks were not just resident over this side of York Bridge but all over the town centre using the hotels, cafes, shops and pubs. Can anyone remember when we had trippers that came to Morecambe every year to do just that but for a week at a time and some for a fortnight?

Locals only have so much to spend and let’s face it, the job prospects are not too good in Morecambe and the Catch 22 situation dictates if there was a thriving tourist trade locals would have jobs to apply for.

This summer all the local businesses getting involved in Morecambe’s BID really need to have a look at the big picture as to how the money available can bring in extra tourism.

I for one may open up a hair product retailer. One of the punks was telling me that he uses a massive amount of hairspray to keep his star shaped Mohawk hairstyle in place every day.

Now, if only I could grow mine.