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Bid to tackle council tax discount fraud

Single person council tax discount fraud is being tackled in a bid to combat the £131 million claimed illegally.

Lancashire County Council is teaming up with district councils with the aim of looking at homes which claim to be occupied by just one person, and are therefore eligible for a 25% Council Tax discount, to check if it’s still applicable.

This is typically worth around £250 each year.

Using the latest data-matching technology, the project will involve the county council working with a financial services company to check the council’s information with a wide range of financial and other personal information.

The process will also help to identify households that may be incorrectly or fraudulently claiming Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support.

Dog owner speaks out

A dog walker has defended her right to walk dogs in a cemetery and says she is a responsible pet owner. The woman, who does not wish to be named, was confronted by a man in Hale Carr Cemetery (The Visitor, January 7) who was disgusted at the amount of dog poo in the cemetery. Andrew Bolton was upset at dog owners with no respect who let their dogs foul and failed to pick it up.

However, the woman said: “I had poo bags with me and I wasn’t breaking the law. My friend and I often fill a carrier bag picking up other pets’ poo.

“It is disgraceful and you recognise regulars who do it but you don’t want to approach people sometimes.

“I do understand how people get upset and it is disgusting but not all dog owners are the same.”