New pavement is anything but mellow yellow

Pedder Street Car Park, Morecambe.
Pedder Street Car Park, Morecambe.
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Visitor readers have slated a new paving surface in Morecambe town centre.

Our Facebook page was inundated with negative comments after we posted a photo of the new ‘yellow’ surface near Pedder Street car park.

Sandra Hale from Morecambe, also phoned us to say the choice of colour was “a monstrosity”.

“I’ve never seen anything like’s really horrible,” said Sandra.“It’s a disgusting cacky yellow colour. It’s just an eyesore.”

Sarah Lewis said on Facebook: “Who on earth thought yellow would be a good colour?”

Dazza Jones said: “Didn’t realise the beach had moved.”

Others have complained the new layout has reduced the number of parking spaces by nine.

A Lancaster City Council spokesman said: “In order to provide more space and safer circulation for pedestrians in this area and an improved and safer car park layout for motorists (including an additional three much wider bays for disabled drivers) this meant losing nine spaces, reducing from 72 to 63.

“With a wealth of alternative on-street and more than 440 off-street parking opportunities in the area, parking needs are more than adequately catered for.”

Bree Beale said: “Impractical, I coudn’t get a parking space the other day.”

Karen Smith said: “It looks awful and to make the car park even smaller.

“My mum is disabled and that car park is so much easier for her to use to get to the Arndale now parking on it will be even harder. They should have used the money to repair holes in some of the roads. Such a waste of money.”

But Greg Webber said: “Brightens the place up!”

A spokesman for Lancaster City Council said: “As with all changes made to popular areas of our city centres, opinions on the end results will always be mixed.

“The reason behind the colour was to create a bit of vibrancy and interest and inject a bit of life into what is a grey environment and which has lacked an element of open space for the public to enjoy.

“The new open space helps better connect Queen and Pedder Street for pedestrians and provides a safer and more pleasant place for people to walk through or rest in.”

The council is carrying out work on car parks across Morecambe and Lancaster.

The Pedder Street changes include new surfaces, new parking layouts, new fencing, renewing trees and new seating and cycle facilities.

Work at Pedder Street car park itself is now complete and work on the footways should end in early March.

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