New chapter in Footlight’s history

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SINCE the Lancaster Footlights first trod the boards nearly a century ago, the company has witnessed some major changes.

By far the most important milestone was the acquisition of the Grand Theatre, way back in 1950, saving it from impending demolition.

Thanks to the foresight of those brave “Footies”, the Grand Theatre today stands at the centre of Lancaster’s cultural life, showcasing entertainment from local amateurs to some of the country’s top professional acts.

This month, a new chapter in Footlights’ history begins with the launch of Studio Footlights – an offshoot of the company that hopes to present edgy, less commercial fare, appealing to those who like their theatre outside the mainstream.

The team will kick off in May with The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh – a gruesome but compelling tale of storytelling and child murders.

The play will be staged at the Gregson Centre, where the audience will sit close to the actors in what promises to be an electrifying performance.

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