Natural remedies to deal with hay fever

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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Last week I wrote about the perils of overdoing it the garden – then had to follow my own advice and use the Weleda Massage Balm extensively, after causing my back to ache.

This week, following the theme of spring (which has hopefully now sprung), blossom and flowers are starting to bloom, so I thought I had better cover the natural remedies available for hay fever.

Hay fever is caused by an over reaction from the immune system to the pollen that we breathe in at this time of year. When a hay fever sufferer inhales the pollens which are in the air, their system treats them in much the same way as it would treat a cold virus. It works extremely hard to flush all the pollen out – using tears and mucus production – something I am sure all hay fever sufferers will be familiar with.

One way that natural medicine seeks to help those with hay fever is by desensitising their system, thereby reducing the reactions. Our favourite remedy to try is Vogel Pollinosan.

Pollinosan is made with a combination of grasses and pollens taken in tablet form through the day. By putting grasses and pollens into the system, it is desensitised and hopefully this will prevent the hay fever reactions of streaming noses, sore eyes, sneezing and tickly throats.

My husband uses this product every year and absolutely swears by it.

Another chap who used it last year was so bad before he started taking it he was having to take time off work. His eyes were very swollen and sore and his sneezing and streaming nose were putting off his customers. He decided to try Pollinosan and told us that within hours of starting on it he was feeling much better.

He carried on using it for the whole of last summer and remained free of symptoms.

As well as the Pollinosan tablets, Vogel also produce a nasal spray for even quicker relief from that bunged up feeling, which again we have had some excellent feedback from. The other positive about these natural remedies for hay fever is that they are totally safe, they will not make you sleepy and you can take them with everything – even a glass of wine.

Although I will just add here an interesting note: red wine and beer, along with cheese, chocolate and coffee, are all naturally high in histamines. This means that they can actually aggravate allergies like hay fever, making symptoms much worse. Therefore if you possibly can we would suggest you avoid them as much as possible.