Narrow escape for scooter girl Elena

Elena Hodgson, six, who fell through a panel in a vandalise bus shelter.
Elena Hodgson, six, who fell through a panel in a vandalise bus shelter.

A mother says her daughter could have been killed after falling through a vandalised bus shelter into the path of a passing bus.

Mossgate Primary School pupil Elena Hodgson, aged six, fell through the missing bottom panel at the shelter outside Aldi in Morecambe, and as her mum Kelly said, “If she hadn’t have lifted her head up, she would be dead.”

The drama unfolded two days after Christmas when Kelly and Elena were catching the bus home.

Kelly said: “I was looking in my bag to get my purse out and she was just standing there with her scooter.

“She was leaning on her scooter and the next thing she fell forward through the missing panel while the bus was literally inches away from the top of her head .

“My daughter could have been killed.

“It was and still is a big shock. She was very upset and later on said ‘I thought I was going to die’.

“I’m sure the pane has been missing for a while.”

Kelly, of Clevelands Avenue, Heysham, who also has two other children Elisha, 12 and Chloe, 10 months, left a message at the city council offices to report the missing pane. She said: “I know it can’t be helped when things get smashed but there was no glass on the floor so it must have been missing for a while. She was very lucky, it was a very close call.”

Mark Davies, head of Environmental Services at Lancaster City Council, said: “This bus shelter is owned by Adshel, a private company, who are entirely responsible for the repair and maintenance of all their bus shelters.”

A spokesperson for Adshel said: “We were sorry to hear about the incident at the Bus Stop on Marine Road Central in Morecambe and are pleased that no injury was sustained. A repair was scheduled and this has now been completed.”