N‘ice’ couple met over two cornets

Jack and Joan Rossell, who are celebrating 70 years of marriage.
Jack and Joan Rossell, who are celebrating 70 years of marriage.

A couple who met over ice cream cornets are celebrating 70 years of marriage.

Jack and Joan Russell, of Morecanbe Street West, were 19 and 15 respectively when they met on a bridge in Bradford.

Jack, who was a soldier in 1941, had been given a ten shilling note to go for a drink, and asked Joan and her friends where the nearest pub was.

But it was Sunday morning and all the pubs were shut so Jack, Joan and their friends went to the Walls ice cream shop where Joan bought them all 3p cornets.

After continuing their friendship, Jack was posted to Morley and the couple wrote to each other. They got married in February1944 in Bradford, having to bring forward the wedding from May because Jack had to train for the Normandy landings.

Jack was eventually demobbed in 1946 after serving six years with the 43rd Wessex Infantry Division.

The couple settled in Bradford and had four children, Andrea, Janice and twin girls Hilary and Hazel.Jack worked for Holmes and Mann textile firm in Bradford for 24 years and Joan worked in the office at a laundry.

Joan was also a professional dancer and the couple still enjoy a dance together at the Rainbow Centre in Morecambe. Jack is a keen gardener and volunteered to tend to 14 pensioners gardens.

Jack, 92 and Joan, 88 say the secret to a happy marriageis that Joan does the talking and Jack listens.Joan said: “We argue now and again but we always pull together.”

The couple, who moved to Morecambe in July 2012, are planning a special dance night to celebrate their anniversary.