Mystery surrounds resort graffiti mural

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Who is the mystery ‘Banksy’ who has been painting pictures of fish on Morecambe’s boarded-up former fairground?

A graffiti mural of sea creatures has gradually popped up on the length of blue hoardings outside Frontierland over the past few months.

But nobody seems to know who is responsible for the fishy creation, which many think has brightened up the promenade eyesore.

The only clue to the artist’s identity is a signature on the hoardings saying: ‘More Community, Morecambe Unity’.

“I don’t think anyone would call this graffiti in the negative sense,” said Shane Johnstone, Morecambe artist and sculptor.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to thinks it’s great and we can’t wait to see which new sea creature might appear next.

“To the mystery artist, whoever you are, we applaud you and hope you keep up the good work.”

Debbie Walsh, landlady of the nearby Ranch House Bar, said: “It’s like a phantom painter, a Morecambe ‘Banksy’! We notice there are more and more fish being drawn every day all the way down.

“Nobody knows who is doing it, it must be being done during the night.”

‘Banksy’ is the world’s most famous graffiti artist, whose identity has never been revealed.

Morrison’s, owners of the Frontierland site, were unavailable for comment.

*Are you the mystery Morecambe artist? Call 01524 834094 or email