MP under fire for his £75k expenses claim

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Politicians have reacted angrily to news that Morecambe’s MP has the second highest expenses claim in the UK.

Some representatives of local political groups have been surprised to hear that Mr Morris claimed nearly £76,000 in one year – £10,000 more than his annual salary.

County Councillor Janice Hanson from Morecambe said:”That’s just unbelievable and ridiculous.

“People in the north are struggling a lot more with jobs and the cost of living and that amount seems outrageous compared to what he does in the constituency.

“I really and truly think people will question that. He is spending around £1,500 a week on expenses.

“I don’t think that is justifiable and I don’t think his constituents will think so either.”

Green Party Councillor Chris Coates representing Scotforth West said: “Given the expenses scandal before he was elected I’m slightly shocked and astonished.

“One would question whether we really are in the same boat.

“I’m astonished that someone is claiming more expenses than wages.

“Four years ago I campaigned for the county council seat he won. People were horrified at what had gone on with the expenses scandal at the time.”

Independent Councillor Keith Budden representing Bolton-le-Sands said: “The whole business of expenses and allowances needs to be investigated and some fair and proper rates approved.

“The whole thing is very loose and easy to manipulate.

“People are entitled to fair salaries and allowances. The scheme needs to be tightened up to be fair and above board for everybody.

“It just seems outrageous. Our MPs are able to claim for things that people find outrageous.

“The whole system needs to be completely overhauled.”

Morecambe Bay Independent Councillor David Kerr representing Westgate said: “It’s up to the relevant authorities to deal with issues of this nature.”

Eric Olllerenshaw, MP for Lancaster, was unavailable for comment.