MP to lobby for a transport tunnel under Morecambe Bay

MP David Morris in the London power tunnel.
MP David Morris in the London power tunnel.

MP David Morris will lobby for a transport tunnel under Morecambe Bay.

Later this year, the National Grid will be consulting on how to transport electricity in the future.

One of the options is a tunnel under Morecambe Bay to carry electricity cables between Heysham and Cumbria.

However, David argues that the same technology could be utilised and a tunnel could be built which will transport traffic.

The Morecambe & Lunesdale MP has already undertaken a fact finding visit to the London Power Tunnels.

David Morris MP said: “I have tabled a Parliamentary question and already have had a conversation with the Chancellor George Osborne and the Secretary of State for Transport about the prospect of a tunnel under Morecambe Bay.

“There will be mutual benefits, a tunnel would improve the economy here in Morecambe and Lunesdale allowing people from places like Barrow easy access to day trip to Morecambe and will give commuters better access to the other side of the bay especially those who work at places such as BAE Systems in Barrow.

“A tunnel would also open up some of the health care services currently available across the other side of the bay.”

“I must stress it is very early days but I do endorse the National Grid’s tunnel option and it does prove that a traffic tunnel can be built.

“I am quietly confident with enough support we can make this a reality.”

“The Chancellor has already announced plans to link Northern cities via rail and I think this tunnel would complement that plan nicely.”

If permission is given, the National Grid plans to install its tunnel in the next decade.