MP to host nuclear event

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MORECAMBE’S MP will host a nuclear power event in Parliament today (April 19).

David Morris, a huge proponent of nuclear power, will promote its benefits to MPs, peers and other Parliamentarians.

At the event, representatives from the National Nuclear Laboratory at Sellafield and Leicester University will demonstrate how nuclear waste (Americium 241) could be used on the space station.

Mr Morris said: “It is a remarkable project that Britain is leading and could represent a major step forward in waste management and hugely extend the life of space probes.”

“Without nuclear the lights will go out. At the moment we are dependent on fossil fuels that pollute the atmosphere and wind farms that are a blot on the landscape.

“Nuclear is cheap, clean and the uranium needed to power it comes from friendly commonwealth countries. I am delighted to be making this case right in the heart of Parliament.”