MP flees IKEA after riot claims

THE MP for Morecambe has been evacuated from a North London branch of IKEA amidst unconfirmed reports of riots in a neighbouring Tesco.

David Morris had just arrived at the DIY store in Neasden, near Wembley, at around 2.30pm today for a shopping trip with his girlfriend Katherine when he said “pandemonium” broke out.

Speaking to The Visitor on his mobile just minutes later, Mr Morris said: “They closed off all the exits except for one, told everyone to leave and said there was a riot taking place next door at Tesco, but I personally saw no evidence of that.

“The staff were really helpful and tried to get us out as quickly as possible.

“It must be unprecedented to shut the shop down on such a busy afternoon.

“There were cars everywhere, we couldn’t get out of the car park. We’re now about half a mile from the M1 and all I can see is traffic.”

Earlier, Mr Morris had told The Visitor he had returned to London early ahead of Parliament’s emergency meeting on Thursday to discuss the riots.

He said: “People in London are terrified.”