MP backs residents over traffic calming

MP David Morris with some of the residents.
MP David Morris with some of the residents.

Morecambe MP David Morris presented a petition to parliament about traffic calming measures in Westgate.

The petition was started by constituent Kevin Hyde, who approached Mr Morris to ask for help with parking in Glentworth Road East.

Residents said workers from the nearby White Lund Industrial Estate are parking in Glentworth Road East, which is narrowing the road and making the pavement unsafe for people to pass.

Cars are also speeding down this stretch of narrowed road, which is also dangerous to residents.

Speaking in the House of Commons last week, Mr Morris said: “What astounded me was the support I received from every household I visited for more traffic calming measures on this residential road.

“Glentworth Road East is directly opposite an industrial area called White Lund and workers often use the residential road for parking.

“This narrows the road considerably while also narrowing the pavements.

“There have been lots of near misses on this stretch and sometimes even mothers with babies in prams are unable to use the pavement.

“The residents want a residents-only parking scheme.

“The road has also become a short-cut for speeding cars that are trying to avoid the speed camera on the main road.

“That, coupled with the narrowing of the road, is extremely dangerous, so the residents want a one-way system, too.

“I urge the House to support my call on Lancashire County Council to act and introduce some traffic calming measures in that area.”