Moving house by pedal power

Debbie and friends on the cycle track.
Debbie and friends on the cycle track.
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Moving house is one of the most stressful things we do in life – but a keen cyclist didn’t make it any easier when she decided to do it by bicycle.

“I liked the thought of a challenge,” said Debbie Mace, who borrowed an eight foot cycle trailer for the move.

It took her six days and 11 trips to take her belongings the three and a half miles from Lancaster to her new home in the pioneering Lancaster Cohousing development in the village of Halton.

Cohousing aims to recreate old fashioned neighbourhoods where people know and support each other, so unsurprisingly Debbie got many offers of help from her new neighbours.

On one journey Debbie, aged 51, had five cycling helpers, towing two more trailers, two baby buggies and one with large panniers.

“You’d be surprised how much can go in a baby buggy. “Two boxes will fit in comfortably and you can even have a toddler sitting on top.”

Everything went by bike, including a dresser, chest of drawers, bookcase, dining table and chairs and two garden benches.

“I was exhausted by the fourth day,’ Debbie, an accountant, admitted.

It was all worth it, says Debbie, now settling in to her warm eco home by the River Lune.

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