Motorists warned of layout changes

The graphic of the new road layout
The graphic of the new road layout
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There will be temporary changes to the layout of Morecambe Road in Lancaster as part of the Heysham M6 Link Road work.

The layout of the Morecambe Road/A683 junction will change on Monday October 26.

Road builders Costain have provided a graphic to help motorists navigate the changes.

The changes for traffic are as follows:

The location of the Hadrian Road give-way junction onto Morecambe Road will be moved easterly from its current location towards Lancaster as part of the new layout.

Hadrian Road will run on the new Hadrian Link onto the A683, traffic will run through this new section and join Morecambe Road at a temporary give-way junction.

McDonalds drive thru entrance will move westerly towards Morecambe and adjacent to Morecambe Road School entrance.

McDonalds exiting traffic will travel on a single lane and one way road towards the residential area on the former carriageway of Hadrian Road.

They will be brought to a giveway junction onto Hadrian Road and then directed left to return to Morecambe Road via the A683 carriageway.

There will be no footpath available to cross the A683 carriageway. Pedestrians will need to use the temporary crossing and new footpath located on the college side of Morecambe Road.

The live carriageway of Morecambe Road will remain on its current alignment.

There will be no access to Heysham or Northgate from the A683 as this will remain closed until the end of the year.

Costain Community Relations Officer, Tom Horton said; “We will continue to monitor the traffic management once implemented. We would encourage anyone with concerns over the changes to contact the Community Relations Team direct via the helpline: 01524 542 111 or email:”