Morecambe woman jailed for Facebook terror threat to witness

Preston Crown Court.
Preston Crown Court.
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A woman who sent a sickening video and threatening messages to a witness in a criminal investigation has been jailed.

Laura Jane Higham, 32, added the witness - who had recently undergone an operation to remove her eye - on Facebook, before her messages turned nasty.

One video showed a person having a stick poked in their eye.

In another message Higham told the woman: “You can run, but you can’t hide.”

The woman was so terrified by Higham’s threats she left her home and went to live in a caravan 75 miles away.

In a victim statement she said she felt “hunted” by Higham after the tirade of online abuse.

Recorder Julie Clemitson, sentencing, said: “In this case your victim was more vulnerable. She had undergone surgery to remove her eye.

“You knew about that blindness and you chose to target that weakness in the most despicable way.

“She clearly took your threats seriously. She knew you well enough to know you were capable of carrying them out.”

Higham also tagged the woman in public posts on the website asking for help in tracking down the woman.

Preston Crown Court heard the woman was the alleged victim in a criminal complaint and had struggled with the investigation.

Recorder Clemitson said: “You took away her decision as to when she would tell her family about the allegation.

“To force her only added to her distress.

“Your motives were not easy to be understood.

“You were angry she had made a complaint against someone you knew.

“You said you were mortified. You had no reason to believe the allegation was not true and you set about terrorising your victim.”

Higham, of Westminster Road, Morecambe, pleaded guilty to witness interference.

The judge accepted she had mental health issues and had not committed any offences in recent years, but said: “THe offence is so serious that only custody will do.”

She jailed Higham for two years and made an indefinite restraining order ruling she must not contact her victim unless a further order is made.