Morecambe Winter Gardens get ready for comedian Jon Richardson

Morecambe Winter Gardens will host comedy night for St John's Hospice.
Morecambe Winter Gardens will host comedy night for St John's Hospice.
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The stage is set for Morecambe Winter Gardens as it showcases its biggest event in nine years.

The theatre can now accommodate up to 700 people after construction work took place on a new fire escape meaning more people will get to see Lancaster comedian Jon Richardson.

Jon Richardson

Jon Richardson

Extra seats have been added to the comedy show in aid of Lancaster’s St John’s Hospice after a blocked up fire escape was opened out along with another single doorway on the ground floor.

Before the Winter Gardens could accommodate a maximum of 500 people but higher capacity has meant Lancaster St John’s Hospice has been able to sell an extra 600 tickets for each show at 3pm and 8pm on January, 31.

Because central heating has not been restored due to a delay on planning permission there will be no heating during the performances.

Portable gas blowers will be used before and after audiences arrive.

Evelyn Archer, chairman of the Morecambe Winter Gardens Trust, said: “The blowers will have to be switched off when performances are on. We are not aloud to leave them on all day because they are gas blowers and can get quite noisy.

“The blowers for the show were adequate before but it is just unfortunate that we are being delayed by planning permission to restore it fully.

“I can assure you we are doing our very best to get everything in place, the building is coming along well.”

Jon, who will be performing free of charge for the hospice, will be joined by Matt Forde, Lucy Beaumont, Angela Barnes and Pete Firman.

Tickets for the evening show have now sold out with very few left for the 3pm showing.

Tickets are available at and are £20.

All proceeds go to the hospice and £5 from every ticket will also go to the Morecambe Winter Gardens.