Morecambe wild man prepares for 50th birthday

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IAN Ady is in the pub with his “beer goggles” on and it’s only two in the afternoon.

On this particular day, the man known to friends simply as “Ady” sips nothing stronger than water.

The goggles in question are simply a pair of beer glass-shaped spectacles, which he wears above a under a comedy Afro wig. Even when stone cold sober, Ady loves to be outrageous.

During more than three decades of hell-raising around the pubs and clubs of Morecambe, the town’s wild man of heavy metal admits he’s forgotten more gigs than he can remember.

“Ozzy Osbourne but without the money...or the fame.” That’s how Ady says he’s lived his crazy life.

Influenced by his heroes AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy and Judas Priest, Ady was the main man on Morecambe’s heavy rock scene of the 70s and 80s.

But he became more known for his wild image, which even today sees him drink “10-15 pints of strong lager, at a conservative estimate” during a gig. This means his shows are usually manic, chaotic and very much an acquired taste.

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