MORECAMBE VINTAGE: Weekend puts spotlight on Morecambe

Evonne Prior.
Evonne Prior.
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The Vintage-by-the-Sea festival has been a shot in the arm for Morecambe since its inception in 2013.

Local businesses are united in praise for the event and we have spoken to some of them for their thoughts on last year’s festival and what Vintage means to the town.

Lynn Turner from Rita’s Cafe:

“Everybody who came in to Rita’s said how much they had enjoyed the festival. All the feedback was great. It was heaving with people and was absolutely fabulous for Morecambe. To see the amount of people that attended it, it was just overwhelming.”

Evonne Prior and Marie Crossley, Guys and Dolls hair boutique:

“It definitely changes Morecambe. The way Morecambe was before this happened, I feel like it was not a place that anybody would really tend to visit but it’s made Morecambe so much better now and has brought a lot more people to it.”

Vix and Lou Lawson, Bough to Beauty jewellery

“We’ve always been a big fan of Wayne Hemingway since the Red or Dead days and with all respect he is giving something back to the community. He gets fully involved in the festival – our last sight of the festival last year was Wayne up a ladder taking down some banners totally mucking in!”

Brian Peters, R Leisure play area hire

“Morecambe is coming back to what it used to be in its heyday. Any festival or event that goes on there helps to increase the appeal of Morecambe. There are a lot more events happening now than there has been, we’re on a few committees.”

Matt Stanaway, former manager of the Midland hotel

“Genuinely the only negative comment I received was that we’d run out of seats!

“I feel there is still even more potential for it to grow and it needs all of the businesses in Morecambe behind it – the Midland seen the benefit of this.”

“Last year was just great. Being from Manchester, The Warehouse for me was just amazing having people like Dave Haslam and Mike Pickering DJing.”

Tom Barker, Time 4 Flowers

“We got to meet loads of new customers and this year we’re actually going to be running a workshop so people can come along and try their hand at floristry.”

“Importantly for us as well, it led to us winning a really great contract with the Midland Hotel. They saw what we could do at the festival and when the contract came up for this year we won it so we’re now the resident florist there.”

Jacqui Sharples, Print for the Love of Wood

“It was amazing. The atmosphere was electric.”

“My cousin came with me to help at the festival and she said she had never seen Morecambe like it was on that weekend for years and years.

“It’s really found its niche in Morecambe, everything fits in to the vintage theme.

“When the Lancaster bombers flew over, you could see people on the promenade for miles and the look on everybody’s faces was amazing - it was really quite emotional.”

Lucy Pass, The Make District

“We were so busy and just jam packed all day but everyone was so lovely and enthusiastic.

“The only negative thing for us was that we didn’t get to see much of the rest of the festival as we were so busy!”

Mal Neill, The Berkeley guest house

“It was absolutely brilliant and all positive feedback.

“The festival put a real spotlight on Morecambe nationwide and was talked about up and down the country.

“Being a youngster living around here before I left, it was sad to see the decline but it is good to see it bouncing back and its coming back fast.

“The festivals are what’s leading Morecambe at the moment. Its been known as the North’s music festival centre and that needs to be expanded on every year, its what’s really going to make Morecambe.

“I can see Morecambe in about three years’ time being right back up on the map again and I can’t wait for that.”

Susan Gardner, The Sanctuary (runs craft workshops)

“Amazing venues and love that it is dotted around Morecambe so people get the chance to move around and visit lots of places.

“My thoughts on Morecambe is its absolutely dead. It’s a town that’s dying and something like this shows what Morecambe can be and the potential if the right people put their minds together.”

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