Election 2015.
Election 2015.
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Labour has won control of Morecambe Town Council in the local elections.

The group now has 14 out of 26 seats, with the previously largest party the Morecambe Bay Independents winning only eight seats.

The UK Independence Party has two seats and so does the Working Positively for Morecambe group.

Results were announced on Saturday at Salt Ayre Sports Centre, following Thursday’s vote.

David Whitaker, one of the Labour winners in Harbour, said: “Let’s now be positive and make Morecambe a place to come, visit and stay. I will be supporting the festivals.”

His colleagues Darren Clifford, and husband and wife John and Janice Hanson were also elected to the town council.

Councillor Clifford said: “In 2009, 25 out of 26 of town councillors were MBIs. Today, 14 are Labour. We will work for Morecambe not against it.”

Brothers Brendan and Liam Hughes, who work as doormen in Morecambe pubs and clubs, were also elected for Labour, Brendan in Poulton and Liam in Harbour.

Labour swept the board in Heysham North too with husband and wife David and Carla Brayshaw, chief organisers of Morecambe Carnival, and Margaret Pattison winning, while Labour’s Joshua Brandwood beat UKIP candidate Mark Knight in Out Moss Lane.

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Councillor Brayshaw launched a verbal attack on Roger Dennison, leader of the Morecambe Bay Independent party, during his victory speech.

He said: “It’s time we did some good things for Morecambe.

“If we can get rid of some of these MBIs, like Roger (Dennison), then it will be great.”

Coun Brayshaw and Coun Dennison have had run-ins in the past over Morecambe festival grant decisions.

Councillor Dennison, who retained his town council seat in Torrisholme, said in response: “I don’t know what’s going on. Unfortunately it’s a political attack. I think it’s not the place to do it here. If we have disagreements we should do it in the chamber.”

Later, during his victory speech, he said: “I would like to give a personal note of thanks to John Day who has done 20 years of service in Torrisholme,” paying tribute to deposed former Liberal Democrat councillor John Day.

Also in Torrisholme, Linda Davies and John Bates, who runs the Green Room cafe in Morecambe town centre, were elected under the name ‘Working Positively for Morecambe’.

Meanwhile Labour also did well in Westgate, with Tracy Brown, Ian Clift and Clare Cozler (Labour) all elected.

Michelle Ogden, wife of Morecambe’s UK Independence Party General Election candidate Steve Ogden, was elected for UKIP.

Mr Ogden did not win enough votes in Harbour ward to retain his seat on council.

Linda Page won for the MBIs in Lowlands Road.

June Ashworth and her daughter Alex Ashworth won in Bare North for the MBIs, as did Barbara Barber.

In Poulton, Terrie Metcalfe was elected for Labour, with Tricia Heath elected for the Morecambe Bay Independents.

Three seats had already been decided prior to Thursday’s vote, due to candidates standing unopposed in three wards.

They are Tony Anderson for the Morecambe Bay Independents (Bare South East), his colleague Shirley Burns (Bare South West) and UKIP’s Niall Semple (Lune Drive).

Former town council leader and Winter Gardens theatre campaigner Evelyn Archer, who was instrumental in setting up Morecambe Town Council in 2009, did not stand.