Morecambe sick baby driver’s congestion charge fury

David Morris MP.
David Morris MP.

A volunteer ambulance driver was billed £120 for failing to pay a congestion charge while taking a sick baby to Great Ormond Street hospital.

James Quinn, of Lines Street in Morecambe, was hit with the fine days after driving a 10-month old girl to the leading London children’s hospital for a brain operation.

Mr Quinn, 67, contacted Morecambe MP David Morris, who raised the issue in Parliament.

Now the charge, levied to motorists who drive into London’s congestion zone, has been waived.

“I was really upset and lost a few hours’ sleep over it,” said Mr Quinn.

“The baby had been in the car for seven hours and it was more important to get her to hospital.

“I tried to pay the £12 charge afterwards but still got hit with a £120 fine, which is an increase of 1,000%.

“If this is how the powers-that-be treat volunteers, there won’t be many more volunteers.”

Mr Morris said: “People like Mr Quinn should be commended not fined.”

For the full story and interview with Mr Quinn see next week’s Visitor.