Morecambe school football play aims to kick out racism

Young thespians from a Morecambe school have been touring a new play which tackles discrimination against Polish people.

Friday, 16th December 2016, 9:05 am
Updated Saturday, 17th December 2016, 10:06 am
Pupils from Morecambe Community High School performing their play about female Polish students who dream about becoming footballers.

Drama students from Morecambe Community High School have been working on anti-discrimination play ‘Nasze Dazenie, Our Quest’ about Polish children who move to the Morecambe area.

The play centres around four Polish students who dream of becoming female footballers in England.

After encountering some negative attitudes from local people, the girls show resolve and maturity and show their detractors the true value of living in a diverse culture.

The play was devised by Head of Drama Colin Campbell and former student Ranya Terbah.

The pupils, aged 11 to 14, performed the play at Morecambe Bay Primary School in order to promote positive relations with the local Polish community.

Polish students from Morecambe Bay then participated in a drama workshop which sought to improve their linguistic skills as well as their enjoyment of acting.

Marjola Peacock, who works at Morecambe Bay with Polish children, assisted in the workshop which Mr Campbell said was “a valuable experience for all the children involved”.

The school drama department also visited Lancaster University as part of an outreach project to promote the advantages of university life to school children.

Morecambe High students were given a master class in theatre by Professor Geri Harris who works at the Performing Arts department at the University.

Pupils then performed ‘Nasze Dazenie, Our Quest’ to a group of Lancaster University students who then gave feedback. As well as encouraging participation in theatrical activities the outreach programme also included sessions on Philosophical Thinking and Communication.

“The young thespians were eager to hone their skills and the day at Lancaster University served to feed their aspirations of further studies beyond MCHS,” said Mr Campbell.