Morecambe’s Memory Man set to stun audience

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Morecambe’s Memory Man is set to stun you with his amazing mind-reading skills.

Chris Rawlins claims he can tell you what you’re thinking, and how you’re thinking it.

And he can also perform incredible feats of memory, such as remembering all the place names on a map of London, pick out a missing card from a pack after the briefest of glances and teach audience members to rattle off the alphabet backwards.

Chris, 23, discovered he had ‘superhuman’ memory while studying at university.

“Shame I couldn’t have done it at school!” laughed the ex-Morecambe High pupil.

Uri Geller described Chris “a creative, original thinker and a truly great performer” after Rawlins impressed the spoon-bender when he visited his home.

“He bent a spoon in front of me...just once though,” said Chris.

“It’s the age-old philosophy of magicians.

“Never repeat a trick in front of the same people.”

Chris, who tours Europe teaching classes the ‘memory techniques’ he uses, admits it’s a peculiar job.

“I do the memory stuff because everyone does mind reading because of Derren Brown. I think he’s great but the last thing you want is to be compared to someone else.”

You can see Chris’ unusual show live at The Borough pub in Dalton Square, Lancaster on Saturday, April 13 at 7.30pm.

There is a two for one offer on tickets, which cost £8. The show is for over 16s only.

Contact the pub for bookings.