The Midland Hotel is a shining example of improvements to Morecambe.
The Midland Hotel is a shining example of improvements to Morecambe.

Visitor readers are cautiously optimistic that a renaissance for Morecambe could be on the horizon.

The Heysham to M6 link road is finally being built, a new £17m shopping park is planned for the eyesore Frontierland site, a £5.5m housing regeneration scheme is under way in the West End, and there are other signs that Morecambe could be looking at a much brighter future.

Sarah Lewis said: “I would like to think so.

“The renovation and re-opening of The Midland has certainly made a difference to the town and it would be great for other investors to follow suit.

“Although I will never understand why the council gave permission for Aldi to open a supermarket on such a prominent seafront site. It doesn’t set the right impression for Morecambe at all.”

Haydn Howard said: “Let’s hope it does happen, that once again Morecambe can have a life once again.

“Let’s just hope it’s not just hot air.”

Terran Brown said: “We have a long way to go yet.

“Although the new road is great for connecting Morecambe we need jobs - and not just shops. There is so much potential in the town that can be unlocked so we can have business areas as good as Preston for example to compete with other areas in what they are looking for- only then will people have jobs and the money to spend in the shops the council are so intent on having.”

But other readers said they believed the council shows favouritism to Lancaster over Morecambe.

Urshie Muller said: “The M6 link happening is fantastic but it’s worrying when the Lancashire tourism brochure for 2014 has only a very small item about the town as a footnote to a much bigger article about Lancaster.”

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