Morecambe mum sings on stage with Robbie Williams

Julie Harrison from Morecambe on stage with Robbie Williams.
Julie Harrison from Morecambe on stage with Robbie Williams.

After being picked out of a crowd of 55,000 screaming fans to sing on stage with Robbie Williams, mum-of-four Julie Harrison still can’t quite believe her luck.

“I’m buzzing, completely bewildered and I’m trying to come back down to earth,” said Julie.

“My Facebook has gone mad.”

Julie, from Morecambe, and her daughter Jordan (pictured together inset) queued from 9am for Robbie’s concert at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium last Tuesday.

They rushed down to the front when the gates opened and got into the perfect position right in front of centre stage.

Julie, 48, knew the pop star likes to pick female fans out of the crowd to join him during his concerts.

“I actually thought the night before, what would I do if I got on stage?” she said.

“Then he started looking at me, saying he was feeling lonely. He blew kisses at me and I blew one back. Then he picked me. It was unreal.

“The crowd and security helped me over the barrier and I couldn’t believe it, I was there talking to Robbie Williams. I told him I was from Morecambe and then he sang ‘Everything Changes’, changing the lyrics to ‘I miss 
you Julie’.”

As part of the act, Julie then joined Robbie as he sang ‘Strong’ behind a Punch and Judy puppet booth, which was designed to look like they were in a double bed! “He asked me if I knew the words and I said no. He said ‘neither do I!’”

On the way out of the arena after the concert, Julie was besieged by well-wishers who recognised her. “I felt like a celebrity,” she said. “It was one of the best experiences of my life.”

Williams’ Manchester gig was part of his European tour, supported by Olly Murs. You can see a YouTube clip of Julie on stage with Robbie