Morecambe mum’s pride after son gives pizza to homeless man

Mackenzie O'Brien from Morecambe gave his pizza to a homeless man.
Mackenzie O'Brien from Morecambe gave his pizza to a homeless man.
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Generous little Mackenzie O’Brien gave his last slices of pizza to a homeless man in the street because he “thought he looked hungry”.

The selfless boy – who turns five on Thursday – spotted the man sitting outside Marks & Spencer when he went shopping with his mum in Lancaster after school.

Walking over to the man, Mackenzie said: “Here you go, just in case you’re hungry” as he handed him the food.

Mackenzie has since been praised by dozens of people after mum Cheryl posted about his good deed on social media.

Cheryl, who also has a two-year-old son, Brody, said: “We had had a long day so we went for some food in Lancaster after school.

“He had a pizza but he still had some left when he said he was full.

“He has never really questioned me about people in the street before but I think he had an inkling because he asked me if he could give the pizza to the man, because he thought he looked hungry.

“The man was close to crying when Mackenzie handed it to him.”

Morecambe Bay Primary School pupil Mackenzie is currently being assessed for ADHD and so Cheryl was particularly proud of his actions.

“He has some behavioural problems and can be quite a difficult child so I am just really proud of what he did,” she said.

“It made me so happy that he was happy to give up his food like that.

“I explained to him afterwards about why the man was in the street.

“I explained to him that some people don’t have a house to live in. I am not sure he understood the concept of people living in the street but he took it in.

He just saw the man had a blanket and said he looked hungry and wanted him to have his pizza.

“He was quite pleased with himself and said he was going to tell his teachers about it.”

Cheryl, who herself spent some time homeless after her mum died when she was just 16, added: “He loves his food and doesn’t normally want to share so that makes me even more proud!”