Morecambe Mr Blobby tale on TV show

Morecambe and the infamous Blobby Land saga will be featured on The One Show tomorrow night.

Tuesday, 15th March 2016, 10:03 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th March 2016, 7:26 am
Noel Edmonds gives his creation 'Mr Blobby' a hug during the opening of Crinkley Bottom at Happy Mount Park in Morecambe in 1994.

The popular BBC1 evening programme, hosted by Alex Jones and Matt Baker, will include a segment filmed in the town looking back at the 1994 affair.

The Apprentice and Countdown star Nick Hewer will be shown interviewing people about their memories of the controversy.

They include former Visitor editor Mike Whalley and Morecambe DJ and events promoter, Steve Middlesbrough.

The Blobby Land affair centred around a doomed theme park called Crinkley Bottom which opened in Happy Mount Park in summer 1994.

At the time Mr Blobby was a popular TV character on Noel Edmonds’ hit BBC1 show ‘Noel’s House Party’.

Lancaster City Council struck a deal with Mr Edmonds to bring a Mr Blobby themed attraction to Happy Mount Park.

There was great optimism for the economic boost the theme park could bring to the town.

But the park was a flop and closed after just 13 weeks.

A bitter legal battle between Mr Edmonds and the council ensued.

The council eventually had to pay £950,000 in damages to Mr Edmonds after claims of misrepresentation and negligence against his company Unique Group were thrown out.

A 2004 report by the District Auditor revealed serious failings in how the council dealt with the matter and there was an estimated £2.6m cost to taxpayers.

Mr Hewer visited Morecambe to film last month.

The show starts at 7pm.