Morecambe mosaic restoration hope after cracks appear

The Morecambe mosaic looks set to be given a makeover after complaints from residents.

Monday, 12th September 2016, 12:03 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 4:09 pm
How the Morecambe mosaic looks now after being moved to the seafront.

The ‘Beauty Surrounds, Health Abounds’ town crest is looking cracked and worn and in need of some TLC.

Some residents have complained on social media site Facebook that the cracks and chips appeared in the mosaic stones after it was moved from New Town Square to its new location on the seafront.

But Councillor Janice Hanson from Lancaster City Council said the mosaic was suffering from “wear and tear” due to its 40-year-old age.

Cracks have appeared in the Morecambe mosaic.

“We will be asking a specialist to assess the mosaic and provide us with advice on any possible restoration”, said Coun Hanson, the cabinet member for regeneration and planning.

We asked Coun Hanson why the mosaic was laid much flatter in its new location instead of being on a slope as it was in its previous home outside the Arndale – as children used to love running up and down the sloped crest in New Town Square.

“Initially the hope was that it could be laid at more of an angle, but to enable the surrounding land to be easily maintained, it is laid with the slope of the land,” said Coun Hanson.

The mosaic was moved in July after Lancaster City Council asked the public for their views on its future. When only 16 people replied to the public consultation, the council opted to move it to a grassed area on Marine Road Central.

Cracks have appeared in the Morecambe mosaic.

Lancaster City Council said the main reason for moving the mosaic was because they plan to upgrade the New Town Square area of Euston Road in the near future.

They said keeping the mosaic outside the Arndale would have “significantly constrained” these plans.