Morecambe mosaic is moving home

The Morecambe mosaic is on the move bringing an era to an end.

Tuesday, 12th July 2016, 8:47 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th July 2016, 10:51 am
The new location for the Morecambe mosaic on Marine Road is fenced off ready for it to be installed.

Workmen have begun to remove tiles on the town ‘Beauty Surrounds, Health Abounds’ crest ahead of is move to a new seafront location.

The mosaic’s new home will be on Marine Road east of the lifeboat station.

It will be rebuilt on a raised slope similar to its current home in New Town Square.

The mosaic in New Town Square, Morecambe, is being removed and transferred to a new location.

The new site on the promenade has been fenced off ready for the mosaic to be installed.

Kids have enjoyed running up and down the sloping crest in New Town Square for generations and some residents have criticised the decision to move the mosaic.

It came about after Lancaster City Council asked the public for their views on the future of the mosaic last October and November.

The council asked if the mosaic should be kept in New Town Square, perhaps in a new format, or be moved entirely. But only 16 people replied. The public were asked for their views through The Visitor, Lancaster City Council’s Facebook page and twitter, the Lancaster City Council website, The Bay, Radio Lancashire and businesses close to the square also received letters to ask for their opinion.

The mosaic in New Town Square, Morecambe, is being removed and transferred to a new location.

“The consultation elicited no strong body of opinion in favour of retaining the mosaic at its existing site but it is clear that some if not many people do have regard for it and consider it worth safeguarding for the future,” said a council report.

“Retention of the mosaic and associated structure in situ would significantly constrain what improvement can be achieved for the square and public use of it thereafter.

“However, officers have established that it might readily be relocated and identified a range of possible sites in central Morecambe for this.

“The new site decided on east of the lifeboat building is in a central, prominent and readily accessible location and where the mosaic can 
continue to be enjoyed by all people and for generations to come.”

Lancaster City Council’s blueprint for the future of the resort, the Morecambe Area Action Plan, identifies New Town Square as a key public space. Plans are in the pipeline to spruce up the square in the future as the second phase of a programme to improve Morecambe town centre streets. The first phase on Euston Road, Victoria Street and Market Street is nearing completion.