Morecambe icons take their place on wall of memories

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Morecambe motorcycle ace John McGuinness is among the icons being depicted on the walls of buildings in the resort.

The mural, part of a project called Victoria Press, is due to be completed in the next couple of weeks and is already drawing crowds.

The pictures tell the story of Morecambe’s history in a series of artworks on the walls of Victoria Street buildings.

They have been drawn by London-based illustrator Ben Tallon and painted by Morecambe artist Shane Johnstone.

Elena Gifford of Deco Publique, co-ordinators of the project, said: “It looks fantastic and we have had amazing feedback. People are so pleased that the people we have profiled have been chosen.”

The people were picked following a public consultation and also include former Morecambe FC player Danny Carlton.

“We asked people what Morecambe’s heritage meant to them; all the stories reflected have come directly from the public,” Elena said.

Weather permitting, the work is due to finish in the next fortnight.